Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Last Beach Day

Today Lindsay, Amber and I went to the beach- twice in two days, which felt like heaven. We swam far out in the choppy warm waves, and took our swimsuits off and held them in our hands, and flipped and flopped around like naked dolphins. The water felt like silk, with seaweed, and with the sun reflecting into our eyes and shining off our heads I think most people mistook us for pale seals.

When we managed to drag our tired bodies back onto shore, gravity taking hold of our flesh, our bones,   we lay in the sun and rubbed olive oil on our legs and got mad at the boys who "accidentally" threw the ball in our direction 5 times, and then we went for a late lunch with seaweed and pebbles still stuck to our stomachs and and backs, but it didn't matter because the table and chairs were in the sand, and the umbrella was in the sand, and our bare feet were in the sand.

And when we were full of fried octopus and fresh shrimp in tomato sauce, and a cabbage-y vinegary cold salad, and crab legs with a mayonaise sauce, and little ice cream and chocolate bars for dessert (on the house, mais oui), and we were tired of the sunglass-stares from the other tables, and we were exhausted from the wind and the salt in our eyes, we piled in the van and drove back to the village and a hot shower which stung our new burns.


  1. Stunning.
    I adore the way to write. I almost feel like I was there too. You have no idea how much I crave the salt, and the sun, and the burns. It's July first and I am wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and boots.
    Sending you love, as always.

  2. What a great day! I too miss the beach, the sun, the seafood...... But at least it's been hot here! Looking forward to seeing you soon.....

    Love you!