Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Note on Learning Important New Life Skills

These last few days have been hot, and the students are dropping like flies.
I don't feel well, they whine.
My head hurts.
I'm hooooot.
Well, guess what? Today I learnt how to use an axe. Not a dinky little hatchet. I mean a full-sized, heavy headed AXE. The pick-axe, the hand pick, and the hatchet couldn't cut through our pournari roots, which, incidentally, I found out today are actually part of the OAK family. Like, hardwood, baby.
And Elina and I (out of necessity), were given a quick demonstration by Gino, and were soon doing full body, over-the-head swings, smashing the roots the size of my thigh (one in Gino's trench the size of his torso) into oblivion. It felt so good, and all day chips of wood like shrapnel flew through the air. And nobody chopped their leg off by accident.


  1. I need to get me on one of these adventures. Swinging axes and massacring pournari like nobody's business.
    I feel so cooped up and angsty. I swear, if I wasn't 7 weeks away from graduation, I would quit right now.

    I guess I can be content living vicariously through you for now.

  2. Don't chop off your leg!!! This terrifies me - but I do remember the thrill of swinging an axe when I was your age so just be careful. Love you!

  3. Jacq- just stick with it. You are so close to being done! I am envious. See you in a few months!
    Mom- I am so very careful. Love you.